As Stephen’s partner

I have been in partnership with Stephen for 1.5 years and we have lived together throughout that time. We met in 2015 and have been friends for 5.5 years previously to being partners. We have also been collaborators and colleagues during that time. We became partners 1 year after we stopped working together.

I was not at any of the gatherings mentioned in the allegations, because I was away and traveling for 2 years between 2016-2018. I was also not around Stephen in person during that time. I did attend 2 of the latest gatherings in 2018 + 2019 and during those gatherings, I experienced a lot of care, the creation of safe spaces, consent workshops, and sober helpers on shifts available to look after people when tripping (if needed). I never heard of anything serious or worrying happen at those two events. From what I know the gatherings evolved and changed as the people co-creating them did too. There was a lot of love.

I have grown to know Stephen deeply. I know his great qualities and I also know his flaws, shadows, patterns, and mistakes. I have watched him grow and deepen over the years, I have watched him learn the hard way. It has not always been easy. But I know above all Stephen is such a good person, with a kind and generous heart. Over the years I have experienced him becoming much more empathetic, tuned-in, a deeper listener, more able to face trauma and look within. There is always more work to be done but I have witnessed much growth on his journey of self-work.

The allegations are all from many years ago, none recent. The allegations paint a picture that imagines Stephen could be dangerous and causing harm or threat to young women now - I believe this is far from the truth. I can tell you my truth of who I experience Stephen to be NOW. Stephen is calm and committed. He works very hard and deeply cares about creating a more beautiful world and being in service. He is a committed teacher. He enjoys a reasonably simple, quiet life, working, being in nature, and seeing close friends. He is settling down, doesn’t go out partying much, when he does he often falls asleep on the sofa happily rather than staying up late or taking substances. He rarely drinks and I’ve never seen him drunk. Stephen is caring, kind, he has so much love to give. He treats me very well. Stephen is passionate about being in service to the community and in service to the feminine. Throughout the time I have known him, he has always been very empowering and supportive to his friends. He has the gift of seeing other people’s gifts and abilities, shining the light he sees back at them for them to shine too. He encourages others to follow their dreams and be in their power.

I deeply care and tenderly hold all the complex layers of these allegations and the people involved. I believe their pain is real. I take the past allegations made against Stephen very seriously and feel deep distress and pain for those that have been hurt, and the previous mistakes Stephen has made. I also strongly disagree with the way this has been approached and do not think it’s helpful.

— Hana