A supportive friend

As a person whose life has been directly impacted by rape and sexual abuse, i feel deeply disturbed, shocked and enraged that LB uses such terms so irresponsibly. What was described sounded grim, but it obviously wasn't rape, and to call it so is gratuitous and destructive in the extreme. I feel very sad for other survivors whose experiences are belittled by these inflated claims. I feel a lot of empathy for LB and their experience but this claim and the way it has been delivered has no credibility or weight.

Other sensible testimonies from both camps highlight how discussion, mediation, grieving and exploration of what has happened can help us all to evolve and grow up in to more honest and wholesome people. Demonising people and groups who are learning and growing is a mistake. Stephen is a great hearted human being in whom I trust and who is very much in service to the collective. He deserves much better than this.

— D